Friday, 4 November 2011

Taxman comes down hard on overseas property-owners!!!

A new HM Revenue & Customs unit has been set up to tackle 'affluent' people who have been avoiding the taxman for a number of years. The Britons who are wealthy enough to possess land or properties abrouad are among the first to be hit by this new unit.

The unit is made up of a team of over 200 specialists and investigators who have been given the task of locating wealthy individuals who have been and continue to evade and avoid duties and taxes.

Some of the first to be 'put under the microscope' are those who own properties abroad, following those will be the UK-based comodity traders who have come under scrutiny for helping to drive up food prices by anti-poverty campaigners. Next in the firing line will be those living in the UK who hold offshore bank accounts.
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