Friday, 30 December 2011

Kensington and Chelsea are UK's MOST expensive areas!!!

New research published today revealed that within the London boroughs of Kensington and Chelsea are 7 streets that are homes to the most expensive real estate in the UK. Just the corner from the soon to be the home of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Kensington Palace, lies Hill Square which is in in the heart of fashionable Holland Park. This street has been hailed as Britain's MOST expensive residential street, with an average price of £4,863,000!!!! Seven streets within the Royal Borough are in the list of the ten most expensive in the country. These include Drayton Gardens with an average price of £4,428,000, Dawson Place at £3,891,000, Duchess of Bedfords Walk at £3,862,000 and Cadogan Square at £3,678,000. The research released by Lloyds TSB stated that the most expensive street in last year's survey, is the second most expensive this year with an average price of £4,826,000. Parkside is one of two streets in Merton in South West London amongst the ten priciest. The other is Cedar Park Gardens at £3,596,000. If you are moving home and in need of conveyancing, visit us for the best prices for the highest quality conveyancing!!

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Future of private lettings in 2012 looks uncertain with mixed outlook....

According to the Association of Residential Lettings Agents, the challenging conditions that the private rented property sector faces in 2012 could spark a drastic improvement in standards. With the current imbalance in supply and demand set to continue in 2012, the prediction by the Association states that there is likely to be a rise in arrears and repossessions as things are going to get worse before they can improve. Operations manager at ARLA, Ian Potter has said that ‘The package of measures unveiled in the government's Housing Strategy could go some way to helping get the wider housing market moving. However it will take time for the measures to have an impact, and in the meantime the issue of a severe lack of stock will continue to affect the PRS well into 2012, particularly in London and the South East.' He added that ‘Almost three quarters of ARLA members, 74%, already report that there are more tenants than available properties, and this is a story we're likely to see worsen. However, there is some anecdotal evidence in parts of the country that stock levels of rental property could be increasing.' To compare conveyancing quotes and find the best solicitor for YOU, visit US!!

Field at Kensington Palace up for rent for 2012 Olympics....

As part of a new fund-raising drive, the Queen is renting out a playing field at Kensington Palace for the duration of the Olympics to a Russian millionaire businessman. The area will be used during the Olympics to promote the 2014 Winter Olympics as well as host VIP events. It is currently known as Perks Field, and at the moment is used by the royal household for landing the royal helicopter and as a football pitch. It is situated to the north of the palace where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have their London base as well as Prince and Princess Michael of Kent. For the BEST conveyancing in your area visit us!!! for your conveyancing solutions!!

Monday, 19 December 2011

Big renovations for big boss of Selfridges!!

Galen Weston, Canadian billionaire owner of Selfridges is to stranger to being praised for stylishness. However, he may be in for his first bout of criticism with a programme of renovations that he has in the running for his historic property in Windsor Great Park, Fort Belvedere. Weston and his Irish wife Hilary, who are also friends with the Duke of Edinburgh, have submitted a series of applications to improve the Bombardier’s Cottage at the property, which is where Edward VIII lived with Wallis Simpson. The plans include removing the floorboards, erecting a first floor and joists and installing new underfloor heating. Are you planning on moving home in the New Year?? Compare conveyancing with us at

Friday, 16 December 2011

Licenses too expensive for Oxford landlady...

Due to new city council rules that com into play as of January 31st 2012, a local landlady from Oxford who has been renting out a three-bedroom house for the past five years, s worried that she may be forced to sell it, thus losing significant monthly income. The process which involves having the property inspected, will incur a cost to the landlady of £362. The new rules cover houses in which anyone letting a property to three or more sharers, who are not members of the same family. Those who are inhabiting a property, not in keeping these rules must obtain a licence from the council. Moving home? Need conveyancing? Compare conveyancing with us!!

Monday, 12 December 2011

Mortgage Market deserted by first-time buyers....

With further signs of the housing Market slowing down to a snail's pace in October this year, first-time buyers began to desert the mortgage market, in spite of the fact that mortgage rates hadnt actually been that low for nearly 8 years!! According to figures released by the Council of Mortgage Lenders, the total number of loan approvals for house purchases were worth £6.5bn in October and reached 44,500, although this was down 8% on the previous month and 5% on October 2010. However the number of first-time buyer loans with an average deposit of 20%, fell to just 16,400(by 10%) although the Council of Mortgage Lenders said this was only down by 1% on October 2010. The total value of first-time buyer loans also fell in October 2011, by 9% to £2bn. Need conveyancing? Visit us to compare conveyancing deals TODAY!!

Friday, 9 December 2011

Coalition government consider mortgage interest scheme.....

The government is contemplating a benefit which it's purpose would be to assist those who are unemployed to meet the commitments os their mortgages, but many fear that this could have a "disastrous consequences" for Families. The Support for Mortgage Interest scheme would entail a benefit that pays mortgage interest on behalf of jobless homeowners. The matter of whether people should be receiving financial help indefinitely without the tax payer having the chance to recoup some of the costs is being looked into by Lord Freud. Proposals include the suggestion that new claimants who want to continue receiving support after a fixed period of time should receive this help in exchange for a charge on their homes, which can be recouped when the properties are sold. For your conveyancing solutions visit us today!!

Euro crisis causes mortgage rates to soar!!

For anyone intending to move home or remortgage, there may be some bad news in that mortgage rates this week have been seen to continue to rise. The primary reason behind this rise is the crisis in the eurozone which has meant that the costs of wholesale funding for banks has been forced up. This means that for a large number of homeowners who are intending to take out a mortgage will now have to pay an extra £16 per month (a fee that they would not have had to pay, had they applied over a week ago). ING Direct’s two-year fixed-rate for those with a 40 pc deposit increased to 2.85% from 2.65 % with a fee of £1,945. Need conveyancing? Compare conveyancing with us!!

Monday, 5 December 2011

Thousands remain homeless while over 900,000 empty homes are left to rot...

Tracy from East London repeatedly walks past a whole block of flats that have remained empty ever since they were built. She said; "the block backs on to the Lee Navigation and has views directly over the Olympic Stadium, but sadly no one is getting to enjoy the view."

Despite a high demand for housing in the Oxfordshire ares, Bill's home looks onto a house that has been un-lived in for at least 10 years. "It seems such a waste on so many levels," he says.

John has been the neighbour to an empty home in York for a number of years. "It has become derelict, attracts criminals … has broken windows and has damaged my walls," he says.

These are just a handful of an estimated 300,000 homes in England alone that have remained empty for six months at the very least and among numerous of stories were reported to The Observer when asking readers to get in touch about disused properties in your neighbourhoods.

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Sunday, 4 December 2011

The British property scandal: broke, young and homeless!!!!

“It was frightening and unbelievably lonely." “I couldn’t sleep at night. All I could think about was how to survive.” It was December, the season of goodwill and shivering in his sleeping on a park bench, student Leon Rossi felt helpless after being turned away from every hostel in King's Cross. He was only 26 years old and in good health, therefore putting him at the bottom of the priority list for getting a bed for the night. Seven years later, Leon who has recently featured in forthcoming Channel 4 documentary The Great British Property Scandal, now lives in a spacious, one-bedroom flat in Finsbury Park. It’s rented to him by Real Lettings, a social enterprise that takes on abandoned or empty properties and lets them out to vulnerable people who are ineligible for social housing. For your conveyancing solutions visit us!

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Beyonce and Jay-Z look into buying Miami mansion formerly owned by Ricky Martin....

Beyonce and Jay-Z are searching for a new home in which to raise their baby, and they may have just stumbled upon the ideal place. The super-famous power couple went on the hunt for their new home in Miami Beach the other week and checked out a super-expensive mansion whose current owner happens to be Ricky Martin. For your conveyancing solutions visit us today!

London's ULTIMATE LUXURY flats on sale for up to £136million!!! So exclusive, there are no residents!!

When the 86 flats at London’s One Hyde Park went on the market for up to £136million four years ago, they were billed as the ‘ultimate luxury’ for the super-rich, however at their retail price, who is actually living in these luxury apartments? The flats are situated opposite the famously upmarket department store Harvey Nichols, and could easily mislead people into thinking that they are the home of an anonymous multinational corporation with their imposing glass exterior. There are few clues on the outside that this is reputedly the world’s most exclusive apartment block. Planning to move home? Compare conveyancing with us today!!

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Rental crisis for families living in Oxford!!!

Due to recent surveys, experts fear that due to benefit cuts in Oxford a housing crisis may be on the horizon,  meaning that people will no longer be able to afford their rented homes.

Oxford City Council has admitted to struggling to handle the new caps on the Local Housing Allowance, which is provided to 12,670 people in order to help pay their rent to private landlords as they are either currently on benefits or have low incomes and need the extra support.

Local Housing Allowance rates have been based on the average rent up until April this year where the rates for new claimants have been based on the lowest 30% of local rents. 

As of the coming January, the new rates will begin to be applied to those already receiving housing benefits.

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House prices are withstanding the current state of the economy...

Nationwide has announced that UK house prices have continued to be "surprisingly resilient" in the past few months, with values rising yet again in November.

The figures have been based upon Nationwide's own mortgage data and have shown that the average home rose in value by 0.4% in November to £165,798, which demonstrates a 1.6% year on year increase.

The number of mortgages approved for house purchase, but not yet completed, has also increased marginly to its highest level for nearly two years.

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