Sunday, 4 December 2011

The British property scandal: broke, young and homeless!!!!

“It was frightening and unbelievably lonely." “I couldn’t sleep at night. All I could think about was how to survive.” It was December, the season of goodwill and shivering in his sleeping on a park bench, student Leon Rossi felt helpless after being turned away from every hostel in King's Cross. He was only 26 years old and in good health, therefore putting him at the bottom of the priority list for getting a bed for the night. Seven years later, Leon who has recently featured in forthcoming Channel 4 documentary The Great British Property Scandal, now lives in a spacious, one-bedroom flat in Finsbury Park. It’s rented to him by Real Lettings, a social enterprise that takes on abandoned or empty properties and lets them out to vulnerable people who are ineligible for social housing. For your conveyancing solutions visit us!

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