Monday, 5 December 2011

Thousands remain homeless while over 900,000 empty homes are left to rot...

Tracy from East London repeatedly walks past a whole block of flats that have remained empty ever since they were built. She said; "the block backs on to the Lee Navigation and has views directly over the Olympic Stadium, but sadly no one is getting to enjoy the view."

Despite a high demand for housing in the Oxfordshire ares, Bill's home looks onto a house that has been un-lived in for at least 10 years. "It seems such a waste on so many levels," he says.

John has been the neighbour to an empty home in York for a number of years. "It has become derelict, attracts criminals … has broken windows and has damaged my walls," he says.

These are just a handful of an estimated 300,000 homes in England alone that have remained empty for six months at the very least and among numerous of stories were reported to The Observer when asking readers to get in touch about disused properties in your neighbourhoods.

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