Monday, 23 July 2012

The world's top 20 cities to buy-to-let property, by The Telegraph

No. 20: Jakarta, Indonesia

No.19: Chisinau, Moldova

No.18: Amsterdam, Netherlands

No.17: Istanbul, Turkey

No.16: Auckland, NewZealand

No.15: Grand Cayman, Cayman Island

No.14: Managua, Nicaragua

No.13: Bangkok, Thailand

No.12: Marrakesh, Morocco

No.11 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

No.10: Bahamas

No.9: Santiago, Chile

No.8: Budapest, Hungary

No.7: Sao Paulo, Brazil

No.6: Skopje, Macedonia

No.5: Montevideo, Uruguay

No.4: Bogota, Colombia

No.3: Amman, Jordan

No.2: Panama City, Panama

No.1: Lima, Peru

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