Sunday, 19 February 2012

Mortgage applications jeopardised due to O2 debt yet again....

Guardian Money reported a case in February 2011 in which Adam Vaughan's chances of getting a mortgage of £220,000 was jeopardised due to a missed payment of only £7.91 for a mobile phone bill. One year on and this time it is a missed payment of £57, yet again on a mobile phone bill that is standing between Conal Duffy and his dream home. The common theme in both cases is O2 mobile phone company black marking these people who otherwise have clean credit record. These cases have provided more evidence which links trivial hiccups with mobile phone contracts to people failing to obtain mortgages, loans and credit cards. Far too often, people are then being turned down by banks for not meeting their rigid credit-scoring criteria. Need conveyancing? Visit us at for your free quote today!

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