Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Majority of children in the UK on a mission to buy dream home...

New research has revealed that two thirds of children in the United Kingdom are aiming to, by the age of 35, own their dream house, while a further 19% are aiming to own their dream house by an even younger age. The research, carried out by Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks has revealed that a third of the children questioned maintain an optimistic outlook in life despite the economic crisis believing it will cost them over £500,000 Despite the fact that 33% of children predicted that their dream house would cost between £500,000 and £1 million, 19% are adamant Rabat they will own sed dream home by the age of 25. The research also indicates that children in Yorkshire are the most optimistic with 38% of primary school children are hoping to own their dream home by the age of 25 and 83% by the age of 35. They are also hopeful in Edinburgh and slightly more realistic with the majority of children, 89%, are expecting to own their dream home by the age of 35 while only 29% expect to be home owners by the age of 25. Where as in Wales 24% expect to do so by the age of 25 and 80% by the age of 35. Need conveyancing? Visit us for your free quote today!

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