Friday, 6 January 2012

House smothered with ivy gets a much needed hair cut!!

A house situated in Chelmsford, Essex was put up for sale last year, was covered top to toe, inside and out, with only the chimney left visible has been given a new lease of life with a long over-due haircut! The detached house, with three bedrooms would usually have an asking price of £350,000, however the ivy blanket covering the house meant that agents were asking for as little as £120,000 as a starting price. The previous owner of the property had allowed the ivy to grow and grow for over 20 years, without so much as a trim. This resulted in the home being totally covered, inside and out, windows and all to the point where it was barely recognisable as a house. Moving home? Need conveyancing? Visit us!!

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  1. The antecedent buyer of the acreage had accustomed the ivy to abound and abound for over 20 years, after so abundant as a trim.

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