Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Petra Ecclestone, FOrmula One heiress, drives neighbours up the wall!!

Petra Ecclestone, daughter of the Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone, has upset the Chelsea locals with her renovations plans to demolish a 200-year-old lodge. Her outraged neighbours accused her of being responsible for “Botox” architecture.

Daughter of the Australian impresario Sir Frank Tait, Isla Baring said that “The noise is a nightmare at eight every morning, on the dot, and Saturday mornings as well...They are drilling down three or four blocks. They will probably hit the Thames.” 

She tells Mandrake that the previous owner of the Grade II-listed house, the JCB boss Sir Anthony Bamford, had invited neighbours to see his plans for the property when he wanted to renovate it, but she heard nothing from Ecclestone.

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