Friday, 3 August 2012

Buying property in Spain is a GREAT long term investment!!

If you are looking for a long-term investment, now is the perfect time to buy a property in Spain!

Director at international mortgage provider Conti, Clare Nessling, recently told ‘This is Money’ that the favourable exchange rate between sterling and the euro combined with the low Spanish property prices have made homes in Spain VERY attractive to British buyers.

"The Spanish market has reached a low point, so buyers are using it as an opportunity to shop for a bargain," she stated.

Ms Nessling added that those who are looking for a holiday home or retirement property would do well to consider the assets currently on offer.

Recently, the Post Office's Self-Catering on a Shoestring 2012 Report revealed a weekly family supermarket shop came in at £57.67 in C'an Picafort in Majorca. By contrast, purchasing the same items in Brighton in the UK added up to £89.08.

This is one of the other attractive properties about owning a property in Spain, the living costs in the country are much lower than those in the UK, particularly when spread out over a long period of time for those intending on relocating on a permanent basis.

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