Thursday, 23 August 2012

How to be a Successful Overseas Property Buyer

Investing in property can sometimes be stressful and a bit of a hassle but as most will tell you, once you’ve achieved it you will feel a huge sense of satisfaction. Here are some helpful hints and tips to minimise the stress and to maximise the satisfaction.

Think ahead and make a decision on what questions you want to ask your possible estate agent. Enquire about essential information, facts and figures. For example; the quantity of houses they’ve sold in the past year, where they were in relation to the area you’re interested in etc. Decent agents will be more than happy to give you such information and talk you through it all. A not-so-decent agent will not, and this should ring alarm bells.

Get organised! It makes overseas property purchase a lot simpler. Get a notebook or a folder where you can keep any advice or information you gather. This will create an invaluable source of data that you can easily access for reference purposes.

Unfortunately, the reality is that you have to anticipate extra costs and fees when buying a property overseas. Most will consider relevant taxes, down payment, bank funds etc. when, in fact, costs such as improvement bonds, school taxes (if applicable) and other location specific charges may be included. Think logically and think laterally to best predict such additional fees.

To ensure that you’re in the best possible position before buying, ask your estate agent for a checklist. Many will have pre-made checklists specifically designed for buying a house. Getting your hands on multiple versions of checklists from a couple of different agents means that you’ll be covered for basically all possible scenarios.

If you are planning on investing in a foreclosed home, it’s important that you make arrangements for repairs to happen. In quite a lot of cases, homes that are foreclosed have been left empty for a while before hitting the market, so it’s likely that they’ve been neglected on the upkeep front. They are likely to require HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning) system installation and you should be aware of the possibility of pests.

Be prepared to be a bit flexible. You may fall in love with a house but the location may not be great, or vice versa, you need to be aware of your budget. So be ready to search in another area or maybe try looking at a different type of home.

Establish clear long term and short term goals for yourself. If these goals aren’t met, search for another property. After all this is an investment and if it doesn’t meet your objectives, the investment’s unlikely to pay off.

Don’t place your purchase solely on one factor e.g. the view. You may love it, but if it’s subjective, others may not agree with you so you may end up missing out if you decide to sell the house in future. Try to ensure the property has multiple good points rather than just one. If you love it, go for it but try not to pay too much.
I’m sure you’ve already heard this but... Location, location, location! Location should be very high up on your priorities list. E.g. if you are investing in overseas property to set up a shop, if the location isn’t right you won’t get the customers.

Consider the asking price of the house when deciding upon your initial offer. If you have an accommodating seller, it’ll be simple to determine a final purchasing price that you are content with.

Get ready for some remodelling and some repair work, this way you get the most value from your property. seeing your investment’s value increase is incredibly satisfying and if you do it right, its value could increase beyond what you originally invested in it!.

Hopefully this has given you a little bit of an insight into the fact that buying property overseas isn’t as complex as it initially seems. The research stage could get confusing, but it will be worth it in the long term.
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