Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Expats: Handy hints and tips for moving abroad

If you want to buy a house abroad and think that an international money transfer would be the best way to fund it it would be worth reviewing the rules for import and export of your possessions.

Everyone has those items that hold huge sentimental value, be it a wedding video, family photo albums, a toy rabbit or a penny you found on the floor the day you won the lottery (I wish). So you should try to be aware of the sometime strict rules that  accompany the process of moving all your things abroad. It always pays off to be as informed as you possibly can.

For example, the transport of vehicles is often tightly regulated. You need to check on the age of car, whether it complies with local maintenance and emission standards among other things to ensure that you can import your vehicle with minimal hassle.

Pretty much all countries will have a list of forbidden objects that will vary from place to place so it’s worth double checking with a relocation expert early on and putting in a little bit of time and effort into research, as you never know what may be considered dangerous in another country. Another mistake people often make is with electrical items. There’s a possibility that your electronic goods won’t work abroad if there’s a significant difference in power or voltage.

It may seem obvious ( some people do forget!), but you should also ensure that any important documents, e.g. your passport, are in a secure yet accessible location. As it would be a pain to remember that your passport is hidden away with your china at the other end of the moving vehicle buried beneath 2 tonnes of old clothes, books, furniture and cuddly toys.

Clare Nessling, director of the UK’s leading overseas mortgage specialist, Conti endorses the use of meticulous planning when moving overseas. Since, with the economic recession, investors making the most out of low property prices overseas may be caught out and have their dream move postponed if they haven’t followed protocol to the letter. However, with common sense, helpful advice, support and a bit of expert knowledge, there’s no reason why moving to your dream home abroad can’t be an efficient experience with minimal hassle.

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