Friday, 10 August 2012

Live like the world’s most successful Olympian

Michael Phelps has recently become the world's most decorated Olympian of all time, yet unfortunately he still hasn't yet medalled in the property market.

In February earlier this year, Phelps put his 4,000 square-foot apartment on the US property market, giving property buyers Worldwide the chance to live in luxury like an Olympian for a mere $1.42m - at a discounted rate from the original price that he purchased the property for of $1.69m.

The apartment condo is situated in Baltimore's famous Inner Harbor and boasts three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a picturesque views of the marina from its top floor balcony as well as access to the building's indoor pool where Phelps could practise his strokes. The new lucky owner of this wonderful property could utilise the hot tub on the roof terrace to perhaps perfect their treading water skills.

While since 2007, when originally purchasing the property, Phelps’ tally of gold medals has increased, unfortunately the American economy took a turn for the worst, leaving the 28 year old swimmer swimming against the property current. Even after reducing the value of his home significantly, Phelps has struggled to find a buyer.

However, now is the perfect opportunity for someone to make a splash in the US property market. The demand for American homes is increasing from overseas, so we may see a few Olympic-enthusiast investors to be dashing to the harbour-side.

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